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ZTreeWin is an extremely fast and flexible text-mode file/directory manager for all versions of Windows (both 32-bit and 64-bit), modeled closely on the legendary XTreeGold(tm).


(1) The now-standard "tree-structured" hierarchy of directories made popular by XTree is displayed in the top left corner, (2) the files contained in the highlighted directory are listed below on the left, (3) disk and file statistics on the right side, and (4) keyboard command menus at the bottom.

A Few Advantages of ZTreeWin:

  • Log millions of files, limited only by free memory
  • Long file and directory names fully supported
  • Enhanced color configuration
  • History lists support unlimited marked entries
  • Log directories using wildcards (Treespec & Ctrl-ZLog)
  • One way and two way branch synchronization
    (Alt-Mirror/F8 Sync)
  • Graft, prune & duplicate entire branches with ease
  • Create shortcuts to selected files & directories
  • Powerful internal file viewer with Hex editing ability
  • Disk washing function with DoD sanitize option



  • Copy, move, delete, rename, & time-stamp a single file, or thousands of files, in a single operation
  • Display windows module information for selected files
  • Simultaneously log ALL files on ALL drives, allowing you to search for text or locate particular files
  • Flexible support of external archiving utilities to allow the management of ARJ, CAB, LHA, JAR, RAR, 7Zip & ZIP archives, to name a few
  • Compare branches, directories, or single files down to the binary level to locate differences
  • Supports integration of any third-party editor or file viewer
  • Can be run from USB flash drive without installation



ZTreeWin's design retains the fast keyboard-command text-mode response that XTree pioneered and file management professionals still demand.

ZTreeWin also adds other sophisticated tools that are essential to modern 32-bit and 64-bit systems, such as case-specific renaming functions, copy/paste facilities, and file-type coloring.

Efficient: ZTreeWin provides fast, mnemonic access to all commonly needed file management tasks, with unlimited command history and macro recording and playback

Responsive: ZTreeWin addresses the needs of today's professionals with a responsive dialog and development effort that builds on well-established and
time-proven methods and procedures.

Repeatable: Any task you do with ZTreeWin can be cloned to make it quick and easy to do again.

Current version available for downloadv2.2

"XTreeGold" is a registered trademark of Symantec Corporation.

Last updated: October 28, 2023

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