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ZTreeBold is a text-mode file/directory manager for OS/2. It has been developed as a native OS/2 alternative to the DOS product, XTreeGold(tm), now that its owners have officially ceased further development and support. While I am sure you are well aware of the virtues of XTreeGold, you know the disadvantages of it being a DOS program. I wrote ZTreeBold to provide all the functionality I am so accustomed to, while avoiding all the DOS imposed limitations. A few advantages of ZTreeBold:

  • No 640K memory barrier...log an unlimited number of disks and files
  • Supports HPFS long file and directory names
  • Extended attributes are maintained during file operations
  • Allows use of any current or future archiving programs

Current Version is v1.80.

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ZTreeBold Registration Pricing

Please note that there is no functional difference between registered and unregistered versions of ZTreeBold.  By registering, you are granted license to use the software, and all future versions, without any further reminders.

Single license:

USD $35.00

"5 Pack"

USD $120.00

Site License:

USD $1,500.00

ZTreeBold Beta Releases

These releases are work in progress, and as such, should not be publicly re-distributed!

 NOTE: Beta releases MUST be installed over the last full release (v1.80), as not all required components are included!

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