I Love ZTree and I have used it for many years. I am a fan of xtree gold and I used it until windows 98 came out then it did not work very good. I went without for a long time then one day I found ZTree. I was in heaven. I truly hope that ZTree and you stay around until I am gone.   Thanks so very much for a great product."
Melvin L. Hopper, USA

"ZTreeWin helps me in the easiest and quickest way to find files and to overview the directory structure.  Because ZTreeWin simply shows really all files (also system files, etc.) and is easiest different orderings.  And ZTreeWin shows all directories and all subdirectories at the same time."
Jan Overbeek, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

"The "Showall Tagged Files" feature is a cool way to make specific groups of files. Tag all files in a directory or branch, untag at will (i.e. doing text searchs) and press Ctrl-S in Dir mode. Do it a few more times and whala!, you got it!."
Andrés Mazzocchi, Buenos Aires, Argentina

"I needed to have many lists of files in MSWord format to include in a software system manual.  I was able to do this by printing a .pdf file using Adobe Acrobat Distiller.  After I printed using ZTreeWin functions, I was able to copy the text from the .pdf and paste it in a MSWord table.  I was then able to manipulate the column locations in the MSWord file."
Forrest Baxter

"Crtl-T, Crtl-S, type text, highlight file, V, Space it is there.  In English the best feature is the ability to search multiple files for text.  Then using the internal viewer and hitting the space key to jump to the text and it being highlighted.  Sure beats the Windows Find function!"
Dr Merrin Pearse, Wellington, New Zealand

"One of the most useful features of Ztree is the ability to find, tag and delete files. Press F for filespec, *.jpg, *.wav (any filetypes separated by commas). Log drive(s), S for Show all Files (or G Global), Alt+F4, Compare, Duplicate files. Tag duplicates and Press Ctrl+D to remove them"
Bob Indovina, Pittsford, NY, USA

"I can't imagine not having a copy of ZTreeWin on my system.  The ability to list all the files across all drives, sort them in any order, and copy, delete, move  them in one quick sequence of keystrokes, nothing manages your files faster or easier than ZTreeWin."
Michael Tan, Monterey Park, CA, USA

"ZTree's most important features: file compare at the directory level, fast and configurable viewer, history of previous choices, spell search, integrated with Windows Environment, useful hotkeys, split screen view, the Treespec command, the Global and Branch commands, management of tagged file lists, batch file creation, powerful rename options, alt-k command"
Fernando Sánchez Córdoba, San José, Costa Rica

"Excellent program! Makes moving, copying and deleting files a breeze. The interface is smooth and easy to learn quickly. Some programs try to add many bells and whistles ZTreeWin is the exception is does what you need it to do fast!"
Faadiel Rehman, St Petersburg, FL, USA

"ZTree's compare branches command lets me easily compare sections of our working data with that previously backed up to CD. The tagged files (new or updated) ones are copied in the path with Alt Copy command to a storage spot to be added to the CD Archive, leaving my Backups always accurate and up to date."
Faadiel Rehman, St Petersburg, FL, USA

"What I find most useful is the ability to *,B,alt+s,o,s to see the largest files on any directory or drive.  In addition, F,*.txt,ctrl+t,ctrl+s to search any files for any text is used quite often.  This is a great product which is built on the success of a great product.."
J. Andrew Howe, San Francisco, CA USA

"Of ZTreeWin's many outstanding features the "F7 autoview" function is tops.  It lets me zip through lengthy lists of sales files from our 159 stores, find exactly what I'm looking for, then swiftly View it.  No other utility comes even  close to the speed and efficiency offered by ZTree."
Brian Regan, Tacoma, WA, USA

"I use ZTree to make batch routines for AutoCAD.  I make these routines to insert all the maps into a single drawing.  I also use ztree to make plot routines.  I can make one routine to plot over 100 maps and walk away until it is done."
John Harms, Wynnewood, OK, USA

"The best feature of ZTreeWin is the "copy with path" feature.  This feature allows you to copy complete programs with all their files and sub-directors to another location or to another drive or to a zip-drive, etc.  A simple "TAG" of the directory with its files, and a "copy with path" and your finished.  Its wonderful."
John Harms, Wynnewood, OK, USA

"I have to work with large data base files (ascii text files). I continuously use the View - Gather functions to create small specific files from a master data base. Another useful function is F7-autoview to look for files and see the content of text files simultaneously. The valuable Showall function to see all the files combined with sort to look for a file quickly."
Victor R. Vanzini, Rafaela, Argentina

"Due to a neurological disability, my keyboard and mouse skills are very cumbersome. Having been brought up on the XTree range, I have been frustrated by the inability of Windows to: Compare directories, Print and Manage files efficiently. ZTW's beauty lies in its pictorial simplicity and ease of use."
Trevor C. Klaassen, Waitara, New Zealand

"I have been using ZTree for many years and as a VAR I have a lot of clients in this area (So. California) that call and need assistance to straighten out or find and repair files on their computers. I learned many years ago to install ZTree on each and every computer that I build in my business (encouraging them to register their program of course).  I can virtually get any problem solved or identified over the telephone walking my clients through your program."
Trevor C. Klaassen, Waitara, New Zealand

"To me, the most useful feature is the ability to tag files across multiple directories and perform functions such as AltCopy on the tagged files.  I have yet to find a file management utility that does this, other that XTree Gold, that is. I have tested several other programs."
Scott Cahak, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA

"ZTreeWin has many useful features to improve productivity.  One of the simplest and most powerful features is viewer/editor integration.  ZTreeWin integrates extremely well with current Windows viewers and editors, yet DOS viewers/editors can still be used.  Simply press "O" or "ALT-O" and files are quickly displayed with the associated viewer or editor."
James Blodgett, Columbus, OH, USA

"A Must-Have utility!  ZTree has too many helpful features to mention.  I love the ability to see the space used by a set of files that I have tagged.  When I want to create floppy disk file sets, ZTree helps me determine how many files I can fit onto a floppy.  It's great!"
John Dalbey, San Luis Obispo, CA, USA

"Like many Act! certified Consultants using XTree and now ZTree is probably the fastest way to manipulate data without having to go through a programming course. Simplicity and reliability, we would recommend the product to anyone."
Paul King, UK

"ZTreeWin is the most important programme on my Harddisk !  It is the most useful help after a fresh Windows installation.  Apart from easily tagging, copying, deleting and modifying all kinds of Files, ZTreeWin gives you access even to hidden programmes and directories. One of the best features is SHOWALL in combination with the ALT COPY  function."
Ulrich Angersbach, Frankfurt, Germany

"ZTree allows you to look at you drives/files in totally different way.  One thing I use ZTree for is cleaning up - logging all the files on a drive and sorting them by size let's you delete all the old large files (especially *.tmp) that clog up your hard drive.."
Chris Silva, Folsom, CA, USA

"I was becoming crazy handling a lot of little image files. Then i started to work on a DOS window with my own *.bat's. It was better... When i decided try ZTree and use Ctrl-Showall with Ctrl-Batch my life changed...All my files were there... to working fast and better... A 'must-have tool'."
Agustín Reyes, Montevideo, Uruguay

"After copying a large directory tree with more than 800 files from CD to the hard disk, I found that all files ended up as "read-only". I needed them all to be read-write. ZTree did the trick, taking less than 10 key strokes and 3 seconds of time!"
Manfred Mornhinweg, La Serena, Chile

"I have 2 non-networked PC's at home that share common files that must be synchronized.  I've successfully used ZTreeWin to accomplish this. I immediately do a TAG of files with the Archive bit set, copy these files to a ZIP disc, and COPY - DUPLICATING PATHs to the other PC."
David Jessie, Stow, OH, USA

"And than I discovered ZTree and was soooooo happy that it was FAT32 compliant and gave access to extended memory. Now the most usefull for me is, in a search, to log all drives and dirs, to define a filespec and then to use the "global" command, tag everything I need, and do whatever pleases me. Thank you so much again to have made XTree even better than it was."
Richard Brouillette, Saint-Paulin, Québec, Canada

"To me, just having the utility at all is a blessing in itself. Windows has nothing to compare with this little utility. I love the unlimited memory, and print capabilities, as I am frequently using it to catalog and search through very large trees. Until I found this, I was floundering around big time!"
Sherri LaBar, Bangor, PA, USA

"ZTreeWin makes me happy, happy, happy! Clickety, click, click, and BAM!!! I'm done!
ZTreeWin allows me to put that mouse where it belongs, hanging off the desk, to amuse the cats.  The most useful feature of ZTreeWin, is all of them. I can't do without any of them; especially the compare functions. The ones I appreciate the most are the hex editor and gather command in the view resource."
Chris Daly, Detroit, MI, USA

"The most useful feature of ZTree that I use - that have a hard time using anywhere else - is searching multiple text files to screen for particular text.  I recently looked through 1000 illumination files and was able to quickly discard 90% of them based on fixture type and output type."
Ken Morton, Anchorage, Alaska, USA

"ZTreeWin's best feature is the Keyboard Command Interface. All  commands are displayed in front of you at all times. No matter what function or task you need to perform, the keystrokes are actually displayed there on the screen. The keyboard is much faster than any mouse control."
Ross Haldeman, Woy Woy, NSW, Australia

"The many features like split screen, tag files, move, view, etc. make it extremely easy to manage a hard drive.  some files can not be view using windows explorer. (they run instead) and explorer will not show hidden or system files.  It is the best and easiest way to move, copy, and delete files and you can use the editor of your choice to directly edit files."
R. L. Keator, Vestal, NY, USA

Last updated: May 31, 2007

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